Key2Cell provides a mobile marketing platform for Digital Agencies, Top Brands, and Mobile Operators. Founded in 2009 in Hong Kong, the company has resources spread across Hong Kong, India, and China, and is expanding to new territories at a fast pace.

We are currently rolling out one of the largest mobile advertising networks in the world using MAds™, our groundbreaking patented Dynamic Mobile Profiling technology, which determines the best possible format for MMS to deliver highly individualized marketing messages in the most effective way to any mobile devices, regardless of type, brand or operating system.

Just like SMS, Multimedia Messaging (MMS) is the most ubiquitous form of messaging and therefore one of the most powerful Mobile Marketing tools in the market.


Digital Agencies use the Key2Cell platform to easily and effectively run multimedia messaging campaigns for their clients, taking their mobile marketing strategy to the next level, with high conversion rates to create a powerful customer engagement.


Top brands can promote their products, boost their user acquisition, drive store footfall, and ultimately become more creative in announcing a launch to their mobile audience with multimedia messaging including videos, images, audio and longer text than standard text messages.


We partner with Mobile Network Operators to provide MMS capabilities opening new revenue streams on existing and often under-utilized infrastructure.

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Enhance your Mobile Marketing strategy by delivering Rich, Engaging and Personalized content to your customers.

Key2Cell created MAds™ as a brand new mobile marketing and advertising solution tailored for luxury brands and top advertisers to easily and effectively run multimedia message campaigns via rich content MMS sent to any types of mobile phones.



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