How long does it take to create an MMS Campaign and Send it?

We set up an account for you (within 24hours).

You need to have your Content ready (text, photos, videos, music, etc.)

You create an MMS as you want it to be, including any videos, photos, slide shows, music)

Add your database of phone number to our platform

Step 5
Click “Send Now” and your campaign is on its way. Done.

Step 6
You can also schedule your campaign to launch on a specific date and time in the future.

Are there size limitations on MMS? SMS is limited to 160 characters.

The maximum size of an MMS is  300kb. That is total size. We recommend a maximum of 5 pictures (for example) to keep the image quality optimal.

Can I send messages to segments of my list (e.g., males, females)? How?

Absolutely. That kind of message customization is one of the best things about Key2cell. To segment a message to different audiences, you will need to filter according to your desired specifications before inputting the Excel spreadsheet into our platform.

Does Key2cell provide a database that I can blast to?

No. Key2cell can only send MMS to your own database.